Drinking Alcohol occurs death- (WHO)

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  • Almost 1 lakh deaths that occur in India’s road every are indirectly related to alcohol abuse.
  • Liver cirrhosis is the biggest health problem posed by alcohol use with 1.4 lakh death every year.
  • Alcohol kills 2.6 lakh Indian every year either by causing liver cirrhosis, cancer. Leading to road accidents cause by drink drive.

India’s Alcohol Atlas.

These statics from the WHO global States.

Alcohol problems , promting health experts. Alcohol , said that the WHOreports, kills around 6000 people every day across the world, While 28% of these death are due to injuries such as those from traffic crosses self harm and avoiding 21% are due to digestive disorders,19% due to cardiovascular diseases, and remember due to infection diseases, Cancer, Mental disorder and other health condition.

”As health is a state subject, various state follow different rules

Said Oral cancer surgeon from Tata Memorial Hospital , Dr.Pankaj Chaturvedi if the legal age limits for alcohol is 25 year in Maharashtra

  • Its 18 for certain drinks in Goa. ”Its time for a central law to standardize arms for alcohol use across the country,” 30,000 deaths among cancer patients every year can also be traced to use of alcohol which was long ago declared as group carcinogen by WHO .Liver cirrhosis is how ever , the biggest health problem posed by alcohol use with 1.4 lakh death every year.

Heavy episodic (binge) drinking among Teenager is one of the gravest challenges highlighted in the report. Said Dr.Monika Arora of Public Health Foundation.

Over 150 death due to poisoning in Goa every year .

Over 150 people die every year in Goa due to poisoning, since 2015 the state seen 772 deaths due to over consumption of alcohol or nacotics, or ingestion of pesticides and insecticides

In 2018 saw the highest number of such cases, as information obtained under the RTI act revealed that 195 person died of poisoning. A source said that while around 5-10 person die of substance abuse every year the highest number of these death can attribute to rate poison

Death due to suspect poisoning.


The age groups most susceptible to poisoning deaths are.


A state forensic official said that misterms are conducted in all suspect cases and riscera are preserved for chemical analysis how ever, police don’t always approach them their final opinion police after viscera sample to laboratories of their choice

Thus, the source said at isn’t possible for forensic official to conclusively say what was exact cause of death consumption of rate posion alone alcohol consumption, etc.

A few years a high, profile death a woman is South Goa who was linked to a minister the police was requested to ban rate poison but that didn’t happen

”Foreigner -related drug case an decline since 2016”

Dr.Rajesh Dhume who work at drug treatment clinic at district hospital in Mapusa ,said that unless physicalogy autopsies are conducted, it isn’t possible to describe reasons for such deaths. The available statics too, have to be broken down further to determine the exact cause of deaths or even possible reason.

Death Due To Alcohol Top Five States ,2013

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